about kickstart

Our Mission

We want to bring the magic of wellbeing to our rural communities

Parish Councils and community groups in the rural areas of Telford and Wrekin coming together to provide several mobile fitness and wellbeing roadshow in the form of Fun Days, with a wide range of activities, demonstrations, events and information. We aim to provide families an opportunity to come together in an informal but structured way to enjoy outdoor and indoor activities.

Follow on sessions would then take place across the area, using existing and new facilities, rights of way, green and open spaces

But what is kickstart?

August 2019 will see the launch of health & wellbeing roadshows around local parishes, each providing demonstrations and taster sessions from a variety of clubs and organisations, each looking to promote an active, healthy lifestyle. 

Whether you are a die-hard fitness fanatic or just looking for something to entertain the grandchildren there will be something for everyone, little and big kids alike! 

Come along and #Love life

Our Core Values

  • Making exercise part of every-day activities
  • Introducing inter-village sports activities with something for all age groups
  • Encouraging family participation
  • Tackling isolation
  • Supporting those with health issues
  • Enhancing communities
  • Keeping mobile for longer